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“Praying at Night”: We see in the New Testament how Jesus not only taught His disciples to pray, but He also demonstrated a lifestyle of prayer. When do we see Jesus praying? We mostly see Him praying at night, long before sunrise. This principle can also be seen in the Old Testament, where God worked wonders for His people at a certain time of day. So, why pray at night? How are the spiritual dynamics of praying at night different from any other time of day? What should we expect God to do when we seek Him earnestly during this time? In this anointed series, Apostle Steven Brooks unpacks all of this and so much more. Get ready to discover a whole new realm of power, authority, and glorious, heavenly encounters!

  • Disc One: The Mystery of Midnight Prayer
  • Disc Two: Spiritual Special Ops

“Supernatural Fragrances”: God created us with five natural senses: Sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. By the power of the Holy Spirit through the gift of discernment, He gives the believer the same five spiritual senses: Seeing in the spirit, hearing in the spirit, tasting and touching in the spirit, and yes, even smelling in the spirit. In his message, “Supernatural Fragrances,” Apostle Steven Brooks teaches in-depth how God often leads us through fragrance. This mysterious manifestation of the Spirit was prevalent in the life of Jesus and was even prophesied through the Prophet Isaiah. Release your faith and expect God to speak to you today!