**NEW BOOK** Supernatural Fragrance: Following the Perfume of His Virtue


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"Steven Brooks spoke for me on my tour to Israel. After he spoke, many, including myself, smelled the fragrance of lavender. Now it's God's time for all spiritual senses to be open. Steven has the authority to release this gift on you!" -Sid Roth

Bestselling author Steven Brooks opens up the realm of smell to its fullest dimension by exploring not only our natural link to smell but also the supernatural aspect of fragrance that is available to us. You will learn how to:
  • Understand the purpose of supernatural fragrances.
  • Know the prophetic meaning of key scents that often manifest.
  • Grasp the biblical origins of fragrance and their important role in Temple worship.
  • Gain insight into the startling prophecy by Isaiah that the Messiah would discern truth through smell.
  • Protect yourself and others through the one sense that cannot be deceived.
  • Become super secure as a person through the lesson of the famed Jewish perfumers, the House of Avtinas.
  • Receive a special spiritual gift from God that will activate and open up to you the realm of spiritual smell.

Pastor Steven is known around the world as a prophetic revealer of spiritual realities. He has a remarkable ability to teach God’s Word in a clear and straightforward way, making it easy for all to understand. His ministry is marked by miracles and notable demonstrations of the Holy Spirit, which brings a refreshing joy to the hearer. Each week his half-hour television program called Pure Gold reaches over one billion souls. Along with his wife, Kelly, he travels throughout the world, ministering the love and goodness of God.